Horse Chestnut Cream Benefits for Varicose Veins

As part of a complete regimen for treating varicose veins naturally, horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum) is often used to strengthen damaged capillaries and blood vessels and reduce fluid buildup. The plant contains a chemical compound called aescin, which is an antioxidant, natural blood thinner, and is classified as a saponin. Saponins help promote vascular health by making blood vessels less fragile. Antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals from the body. This makes the plant a viable natural treatment for spider veins and other blood vessel disorders.

horse chestnut varicose veins

Most creams to help treat varicose veins include this substance as an active ingredient due to the vast amount of research regarding horse chestnut benefits. Reduced swelling due to fluid retention, clearer skin, reduced pain and throbbing, and an increased general appearance of the skin.

Research has shown that this plant extract has zero side effects. However, if ingested in its raw form, it can be toxic. It is a safer alternative to treating varicose veins than surgery and most people tolerate it very easily, even in high doses and applications. This particular varicose veins home treatment option has been found to be the most effective in treating this disorder and has the ideal levels of all known compounds known to alleviate the symptoms of spider veins.

Horse Chestnut Cream and Extracts

While ingesting the plant (aesculus hippocastanum) raw can result in serious injury and hospitalization, horse chestnut extract for varicose veins is perfectly safe. There are two ways to apply this natural treatment to reduce the appearance of spider veins and alleviate minor skin irritations.

Horse Chestnut Cream
The most frequent use of this substance for the treatment of varicose veins is as an active ingredient in creams. While you can purchase strictly ‘horse chestnut cream,’ there are several other options that might be more viable. We suggest finding a cream for varicose veins that includes this compound in its ingredients, but also contains additional remedies. Finding the right combination of compounds that are found to alleviate most, if not all, symptoms is critical in managing any disorder. The fewer pills, creams, stockings, etc. you have to buy and keep an inventory of, the better.

Horse Chestnut Extract
While creams are the most effective way to deliver the active ingredients in this plant, some people prefer to take horse chestnut extract in a pill form. Some people just don’t like to put creams or lotions on their legs or they may have a high sensitivity of the skin. In this case, pills might be a good option. We suggest consulting a physician before taking anything orally if you have adverse effects to a topical cream. This advice is not just exclusive to the natural treatment of varicose veins.