Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins and Vascular Support

Recent research suggests that compression stockings for varicose veins is a viable natural treatment for those who don’t want to pursue surgical measures for this common disorder. If you’ve seen a physician recently for this problem, than you probably are already aware of these types of socks that reduce the swelling of the legs and alleviate some of the throbbing and pain associated with extreme spider veins in the legs.

Traditionally, people have used these sort of leggings in athletics and for the prevention of injury of the joints. However, the benefits of improved vascular efficiency and fluid reduction work well when treating veins that have become varicose.

varicose vein stockings and home remedies

Whether you are considering using support stockings for varicose veins or simply to reduce pain due to a buildup of fluid, the benefits are temporary. Most people find that once they take the stockings off, the swelling returns. Therefore, a great number of people only use these at night if they have trouble sleeping due to the pain associated with varicose veins. Varicose veins home remedies are most effective when utilizing a comprehensive approach.

When managing this blood vessel disorder, everyone’s needs are different. Therefore, you and/or your physician will need to figure out which size and strength of stocking will be best suited for your needs.

Whether you choose to use full-on leggings or varicose veins socks, the results are temporary. Research has shown that combining compression stockings for varicose veins with other natural treatments, results are far greater than with the socks alone. There are many products on the market to aid in relief. For instance, did you know that many people actually use common household products? Read more about apple cider vinegar for spider veins on the next page.

How Varicose Veins Stockings Work

As a person’s blood vessels break down over time due to genetics, standing for long periods of time, hormones, etc., they become incapable of pumping blood back towards your heart. As this happens, veins become “varicose,” meaning that they serve as a sort of canal (or vessel) for the blood, but are in a sense, dormant. They collect blood and this pressure can cause pain in some cases. In most cases, though, it just causes unsightly swelling and twisting of the blood vessels.

Varicose veins stockings work by compressing the skin of the leg so that they are unable to retain as much fluid. This added pressure is similar to the relief of adding light pressure to your head when you have a headache. While it isn’t permanent, many people find that they help them during flare ups of pain and discomfort of spider veins.